• NERI-NETWORK is an Initiative of the Global Neohumanist Movement to research, interpret and help apply the philosophy of neo-humanism as propounded by Shri P.R.Sarkar (1921-1990) to problems facing the human society. Neohumanist Education Research & Resource Institutes (NERIs) provide academic support to furthering the cause of neohumanist education in the world.(www.neri-network.org). NERI maintains offices in USA (Ithaca), Netherlands (Den- Bosch), Thailand (Bangkok) and India (Chandigarh).

    Global Neohumanist Network is engaged with fostering the educational interventions to create a progressive and peaceful society. The global neohumanist movement nurtures and supports hundreds of neohumanist schools and educational programs around the world in over fifty countries. (www.neohumanisteducation.org) or www.nhe.gurukul.edu. A directory of many neohumanism inspired projects and initiatives can be found on the GANE website (www.gane-educators.org). Global Association of Neohumanist Educators (www.gane-educators.org) is a professional association of neohumanist educators. Gurukula Network is a journal published semi-annually for over two decades to share the news and thoughts of neohumanist educators around the world. 44th issue (July,2017) can be read now on


    The past issues can also be accessed from the gurukul website (www.gurukul.edu).

    Neohumanist Educational Resource Institute Inc. (NERI) also uses the office space at 128 -04 Liberty Ave. Richmond Hill, NY 11419 and is building an educational retreat center & “Neohumanist Library” & an archive-center in New Lebanon, NY, about 15 minutes drive from Albany, NY. The center was inaugurated in August,2017. We welcome tax-exempt contributions for the building and development of this six acres centre in New-Lebanon. Interested persons may contact Mr Rishi Prashad at 516-805-5070 for further information. A Wisdom Center has been planned at 128-04 Liberty Ave. Richmond Hill, NY 11419 to serve as a inspirational resource center for wisdom-based thinking. It is a Mandir-NERI Joint Initiative. Volunteers welcome !

    NERI- Chandigarh hosted the international seminar on Neohumanist Education in November, 2016. Amongst the participants were teachers, educationists, social activists, policy makers, research-scholars, students and parents interested in looking at the educational process from a fresh perspective.

    New! Browse through all the papers submitted to the conference here.

    NERI-Netherlands has recently started teachers training program through its LOTUS-Project in Den Bosch, Netherlands. The Lotus Project is attached to Zonnelicht (Sunrise School) in Den Bosch. The school has been running for thirty years now.

    Progressive School of Long Island in Merrick has recently recruited Mr Amal Jacobson to further strengthen its neohumanist orientation. PSOLI has been running for over thirty years under the able leadership of Eric Jacobson.

    River School in Maleny (Australia) held a neohumanist education workshop for all Australian neohumanist teachers in the first week of July,2017. Eric Jacobson and Didi Devapriya from Romania served as international resource persons during the workshop.

    Haiti has now established its neohumanist school and teachers training center facility.


    Neohumanist Educational Futures Conference was held at Chandigarh (India) on November 18-19th,2016. Over 150 participants came from over a dozen countries. Shri Satnam Singh, Chancellor of Chandigarh University was the chief guest at the inaugural session while Krisada Kampanatsanyakorn from Thailand delivered a key note address on Sacred Activism. Over 40 papers were presented at the conference and Proceedings and abstracts are available from NERI-Chandigarh or NITTTR Campus in Chandigarh.

    A Spiritual Poetry book titled “Mystic Verses” by Shambhushivananda was also released at the conference.
    Mystic Verses is a rare expression of divine wisdom and deeply intimate experiences of a modern-day spiritual guide. It reminds us of the inspired poems of the mystics of other eras, as well as Tagore’s Gitanjali in our age. The sparkling sweetness of the verses exalts the senses and transports the reader to a subtler realm. It is inspirational, enriching and uplifting.

    The E-book edition of Mystic Verses can be purchased on line via amazon.com.

    A cultural evening was coordinated by Chandigarh First and NERI and started with two melodious uplifting songs of Prabhat Samgiita sung by young singing star Ms. Alisha Deen and Mr. Vikrant Marwaha respectively.

    Watch opening program video here.

    New! Browse through all the papers submitted to the conference here.


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