To serve humanity with a neohumanist spirit through research, training, consultancy and dissemination of skills and knowledge.


  • To train teachers in the philosophy, values and emerging methodologies of neohumanist education.
  • To prepare pedagogic materials based on NHE.
  • To explore appropriate technologies for bringing about local and regional self-reliance and to empower the youth with skills.
  • To support the establishment of eco-villages that can serve as models of sustainable economy.
  • To provide techniques of inner transformation through instruction in intuitional and yoga practices.
  • To research and foster the understanding of new science of microvita & learn to harness the nature’s hidden potentials.
  • Help co-create alternative futures as opposed to adopting dysfunctional ‘used futures’.
  • To foster creative thinking, explore the patterns in human behaviours and utilize imagination with a service spirit in order to transform the human condition and that of other creatures.
  • To protect and preserve the diversity of flora and fauna.


NERI is a grassroots initiative to launch a new renaissance in education based on Neohumanism -a visionary and inspiring philosophy that extends the love of the human heart to embrace the animate and so-called inanimate world.


Short Courses

NHE Orientation Course
Six days; 90 minutes per day; face to face interaction supported by some reading materials for each day.

NHE Interns Course
Well versed in conduct rules and Gurukula Organization Handbook.

NHE Scholars Course
Learning to apply Neohumanist Perspective to societal issues.

NHE Trainers Course
Sound familiarity with all modules of diploma course of Neohumanist Education.