NITTTR-NERI Joint Initiative

International Conference on Educational Futures

at NITTTR Campus, Sector 26, Chandigarh. November 18-19th, 2016

November 18th: Inaugural Session (09:00 – 11:30)
Registration/Reception 09.00-9.50 am
Invocation – “Samgacchdavam” 10.00 am
Welcome Address by Dr. M .P. Pooniaji 10.05-10.15am
About the Conference by Dr. Shambhushivananda & Introducing the Keynote Speaker 10.15-10.25am
Keynote Speech by Khun Krisada Kampanatsanyakorn (Thailand)10.25-11.00am
Release of Conference Proceedings and Mystic Verses Book 11.00am
Inaugural Address by Shri Satnam Singh,Chancellor Chandigarh Univ. 11.05-11.30 am
Vote of Thanks by Prof. Himmi Gupta

November 18th: Morning Session (11.45-13.15)

A Reflection: Past, Present & Future: Understanding Socio-Economical-Cultural-Ecological Context within which
Educational Systems Operate

  • Neohumanism: Rethinking Education for Planetary Futures: Dr. Marcus Bussey (Australia)
  • Education for Sustainable and Resilient Futures: Vikram Singh
  • Challenges before Educational Community: Dr. Mahd. Rafi

Panel Discussion: Dr. Sid Jordan, Dr. Raj Mohini Sethi, Dr. Geetha Mohan, Prof. Shankar Jha

Lunch Break (13.15-14.15)

AFTERNOON PARALLEL TECHNICAL SESSIONS 14.15-17.00 pm/ Tea Break 15.30-15.45


  • Bio-Psychology and Yoga Sa’dhana’: Dr. Sid Jordan (USA)
  • Yoga & Meditation in Schools : Dr. Nitin Patil (Bangalore/Kolar)
  • A New Paradigm in Scientific Thought: Dr. S.K Verna (Udaipur)
  • Issues related to Microvita Theory: Dr. Uttampatti followed by discussion on the subject
    Chairperson: Dr. Uttampatti (JNU, New Delhi)

Room # TBA

  • Neurological Science and Children Education: Dr. Renu Khamesra (Udaipur)
  • Management of Self & Society the Vedantic Way: Dr. Geetha Mohan
  • On Compassion in Education: Karma Yeshe Rabgye (Chandigarh)
  • Caring for the Elderly in Thailand: Natchanan Werakul
  • Education and Creativity: Dr. Anant Giri

Room # TBA

  • Special Meet: Renewable Energy Storage Systems; Dry Constructions; Technologies for Eco-Villages: Khun
    Krisada Kampanatsanyakorn

Cultural Evening (18.00-19.30pm)

Dinner (19.30-20.30 pm)

November 19th: Morning Session

  • Causal Layered Analysis – A Methodology of Future Studies: Dr. Marcus Bussey 9.30-10.30
  • Introduction to Open Space & Workshop: Dr. Sid Jordan, Dr. Marcus Bussey 10.30-11.00


Room # TBA

  • Interactive Workshop “Co-creating Futures”: What matters to us the most? Dr. Bussey

Room # TBA

  • Bounties of Nature & Health: Shri Nandlalji (Kulu Aromatics)
  • Neo-wisdom of Human Ecology: Dr. B.D. Sharma (Shimla)
  • Spiritual Ecology: Dr Krishna Kant Shukla
    Chairperson: Dr. Sant Ram Pathik, Dr. G D Sharma)


  • Education and Creativity: Dr. Anant Giri
  • Challenges of Architectural Education In India: Prof. Jit Kumar Gupta
  • On Human Resources Development: Dr. Savita Gupta
  • Production Based Education For Perspective Excellent Future: An Overview: Dr. Sushil Swar

Lunch (13.00-14.15pm)

Final Afternoon Session: (14.15-16.45 pm)

  • Early Childhood Education: Global Experience: Ms.Chew / Didi / Ajjana / Jareepon 14.45-15.15
  • Future Education: A Global Perspective: Dr. Sid Jordan 15.15-16.00
  • Indian National Education Policy Challenges: Ms. Advaita Rajendran
  • Panel Discussion: “Educational Futures: Bringing it all together”; Challenges of Implementation & The Way Forward: (Dr. Nandita Singh, Dr. Geetha Mohan, Dr Bussey) 16:00-16:45

Valedictory Session/Closing Ceremony

Pre-registration deadline: 31st October 2016

To register for the conference:
Please contact NERI here.

(with prior arrangements) Ms. Payal Sodhi


Vegetarian sentient Diet will be provided.
Shri Dharmavir Ahuja & Shri Jasbir Singh

Local Services / Transportation

Shri Ravindra Thakur: 09815227315

Public conference
Shri Bharat Bhusan
Shri Anil Sharma

Shri Puneet Bawa

Media Contact
Shri Sanjay Sharma
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